I teach at Seattle Pacific University Mondays through Fridays after school hours. Students who attend Eckstein Middle School and Roosevelt High School have the option to take lessons during the school day.



Payment will take the form of monthly tuition, which is due by the first of every month or the first lesson of every month.

For weekly lessons, tuition is $200 per month.

(the equivalent to $50 per lesson, my normal rate)


For lessons every other week, tuition is $120 per month.

(at the slightly higher $60 per lesson rate, due to keeping track of more students in this category).

This tuition policy applies for the beginning of September through the end of June. If you drop out during this ten month period, you will lose your spot and it will be filled by the person at the top of my waiting list. For students who want lessons on a sporadic basis during this time period, my fee is $70 per hour lesson.


July and August lessons will be paid per lesson at the rate of $50 per hour lesson.



I will be taking a vacation the last two weeks of December and a one week vacation during Spring Break in April. Figuring in these three weeks of vacation, the number of lessons works out to be a minimum of 40 for weekly students, and 20 for students every other week over the ten month period.



There are no refunds for missed lessons. I will give you credit towards the Hammond Ashley Double Bass Workshop in June for any missed lesson.

For lessons that are missed due to scheduling changes during the school day at Eckstein, Washington, Roosevelt, or Garfield, I will make every effort to reschedule that lesson. This may require doing a lesson at Seattle Pacific University.

If you cannot make a lesson due to illness, or scheduling conflict I will try to reschedule a make-up lesson within a month of the missed lesson, but I cannot guarantee the make-up depending on my schedule.

If I have to cancel a lesson, you will pay tuition for the following month minus the $50 per lesson rate for weekly students, and the $60 per lesson rate for students having lessons every other week.

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