Teaching is something I was born to do.  When I was a kid I'd play "school" with my friends and make up tests for them.

From age 15-18 in Seattle Youth Symphony, our conductor, Vilem Sokol, was super-inspiring, and making music with that orchestra was otherworldly. That made me want to perform too.

I enjoy working with all levels of ability and ages. It's inspiring to see people achieve something. One of the most valuable things you learn, that anyone has to have to succeed in anything, is discipline, patience, and perseverance. The value of studying an instrument is you have to learn these things.

I like to keep a balance between the hard work of technique, the how-to of the instrument,  with the fun of music, of  learning to play a song well on the bass with musicality, expression and character.

I always believe that the student can improve. I never am discouraged. I just see the potential in every student.

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© Todd Gowers 2022,  photographs ©Erika Langley